San Benedetto Sparkling Lemonade Zero (No Added Sugar) 330ml

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Introducing our exquisite San Benedetto Sparkling Lemonade Zero – a refreshingly zesty and guilt-free indulgence! Crafted with the purest essence of sun-ripened Italian lemons, this effervescent delight dances on your taste buds with vibrant citrus notes.

Our commitment to your well-being shines through in every sip, as we've carefully created this lemonade with no added sugar. Savor the natural tartness of ripe lemons, perfectly balanced by effervescence, ensuring a guilt-free, delightful experience.

Whether enjoyed on a sunny day, paired with your favorite meal, or used as a versatile mixer, our San Benedetto Sparkling Lemonade is the embodiment of Mediterranean charm in a bottle. Raise your glass to a taste of Italy that's as pure as the Mediterranean breeze itself. Salute!

Made in Italy


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