EURO RICH FOODTRADE Corporation practices high standards in fulfilling customers’ satisfaction and that includes accuracy in preparation of products for delivery. However, customers are required to verify and check the completeness of the goods delivered to them before signing the delivery receipt (DR). Once the customers sign the DR without any annotation/concern, then it is conclusive proof on the completeness of goods delivered.

        Nevertheless, in unfortunate circumstances which would require the return, replacement or refund of the orders, then the following guidelines should be observed.

When Can Products Be Returned:
1. Wrong product delivered - (Product’s Original packaging should be intact and No Damage)
o Item does not match the agreed specifications (specs, size, color, etc)
2. Defective product - (Outright rejection of the customer. Upon delivery, the client should inspect thoroughly before receiving the item)

    Note: Damaged product due to the mishandling or negligence of the buyer cannot be returned. In addition, return of products partially used shall not be accepted. Moreover, mere change of mind as reason for the return shall not be honored as a valid reason.

    Fungible products must be returned within seven (7) business days from the date of receipt, unless a longer time is allowed by existing laws and regulations.

    For products that are delivered but incomplete as to quantity, the remaining items shall be delivered by EURO RICH without additional delivery fees to customers.

    Cancellation of Order:

              Cancellation of order is not allowed once payment has been confirmed.

    Discovery of Product for Return:
    1.  If upon delivery, the customer finds the product to be unsatisfactory (based on the instances enumerated above), then he/she may write on the DR the description of concerns. EURO RICH shall evaluate the concern and will inform the customer of the results within three (3) business days thru SMS or email.
    2.  If the customer already received the product and discovered afterwards that it is unsatisfactory (based on the instances enumerated above), then the customer shall:

    a. send an email of his/her concern at: with the following information:

    ● Email Subject: RETURN_ORDER#
    ● Date of Purchase
    ● Delivery Receipt (DR) Number and Order Number
    ● Name of Customer
    ● Address and Contact Number of Customer
    ● Details of Concern (Ex. Expired, Wrong Product, Etc.)
    ● Attachment to the email shall be:
    1. Picture of DR and;
    2. Picture of the product with issue

    b. Upon receipt of request, the delivery team shall arrange pick up of the said product.

      3. EURO RICH’s Quality Assurance Team shall validate the complaint and shall make the appropriate recommendations within 3 business days, including product replacement should the complaint be found to be valid.

      4. An SMS or email shall be sent to the customer regarding the result of evaluation and next the plan of action.

    Replacement for Returned Product:
    1.  Replacement shall be the product of the same kind only.
    2.  If the product to be replaced is already out of stock, then the customer may claim for refund.
    1.  For transactions which shall qualify for refund, the amount paid for the product shall be refunded through bank transfer to the bank account nominated by the customer.
    2.  EURO RICH shall notify the customer once the bank transfer has been successfully made.

    EURO RICH shall have the right to change any content in this policy from time to time subject to existing laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of the customer accessing this site to regularly check for any changes or updates in the policy.