Euro Rich Sliced Smoked Pancetta (Approx 150g)

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Cured 3 months

Smoked Pancetta or Pancetta Afumicata is pork belly that is cured until it becomes firm. After the curing process, the pancetta is then smoked to give it a delicious and smoky flavor.The curing process is what gives it its unique and clean porky flavor which is very different from commercialized American bacon
Made in Italy

Can be eaten raw as part of a charcuterie board and is best paired with Parmigiano Reggiano
However, cooking and rendering the fat brings out the best of the pancetta. Its guaranteed to season your pastas and other dishes beautifully
Most commonly used in Spaghetti Carbonara only when Guanciale al Pepe is not available.
Can also be used in dishes with tomato sauces or even paninis, sandwiches and pizza

Consume within 3 days of opening
Keep refrigerated (4-6C)

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