Truffle Caprese Melt Sandwich

Elevate your sandwich game with this irresistible Truffle Caprese Melt. Grilled to perfection, this recipe delivers a delightful crunch with every bite.

Truffle Caprese Melt Sandwich

Prep Time 10 mins
Cooking Time 10 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Yield Size 1 serving


Ingredients QTY UOM
Mazza Truffle Salsa 1-2 tbsp
Euro Chef Cheddar Cheese  3 tbsp
Delizie Vesuviane Stracciatella 3 tbsp
Euro Rich Sliced Prealpen Speck 3 slices
Sourdough Bread or bread of choice 2 slices
Butter 2 tbsp
Mazza Green Pesto 2 tbsp
Tomatoes 2 slices
Salt and pepper
Chilli Flakes 1 pinch
Balsamic Glaze


  1. On a preheated pan, melt butter and toast one side of each bread.
  2. Spread pesto on one side. 
  3. Top with tomato slices, sliced prealpen speck, stracciatella, chilli flakes, and balsamic glaze.
  4. On another slice of toast, spread truffle paste on one side and cover to make a sandwich.
  5. On the top part of the sandwich, add grated cheddar. 
  6. Melt the cheese by using a torch or putting it in a preheated oven for 2-3 minutes.
  7. Slice, share, and enjoy!

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